A tradition of 6heads meetings is to share one minute of inspiration. Last weeks meeting, which took place at the Duke of Cambridge in Islington was no exception! Here is a round-up of some of the topics that arose…

Sustainable sustenance: Duke of Cambridge – delicious, authentic, certified organic. They are linked to Riverford and have a tracking system per boat for fish that can time stamp exactly where and when they were caught.

Edible, plastic free water bottle: Meet Ooho!

Botanical archaeology: Discerning the historic marks of our forested landscapes – article .
It’s an important perspective to inform carbon farming projects such as the Ecosystem Restoration Camps led by John D. Liu.

Designing landscapes to restore biodiversity whilst obtaining yields:  This TED talk and the film Inhabit available on Vimeo, especially in regards to Mark Shepard’s work with Forest Agriculture Enterprises where he similarly conducts detailed historical botanical surveys and utilises this knowledge to grow suitable native, productive plants and trees. If left to their own devices, he claims his farms can self-sustain for thousands of years due to the symbiotic relationships that exist between the invited species.

Thinking in systems: Bill Sharpes 3 Horizons model – working with hope to understand possibility.

Resolving supply chain trust: Provenance

And so much more…

Please do join us for the next open meeting 21st March. 6Heads meets on the 3rd Tuesday of the month at The Royal Festival Hall (unless we find somewhere more exciting and list it on the website). 

Other upcoming events:

Tues 7th March – screening of The Divide

Sat 25th March – Earth Day Dinner





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