It’s your money, so what are they doing with it?

ShareAction is a brilliant organisation who make sure savers’ voices are heard by the people managing their money. They work to unlock the power of investors to influence the behaviour of companies and their impact on society and the environment. Their research is designed to give investors and savers the tools they need to make change happen.

Please could you take a minute to complete this short survey to help ShareAction understand your experience engaging – and trying to engage – your pension provider on the issues that matter to you.

It’s your money. The way it is invested has an impact on the world we live in and the world you will retire into. We all want a healthy planet and a society where everyone has a fair chance – and the people who manage your money can help make that a reality.So far research shows us that people would like to invest according to their values but 90% do not do so. ShareAction’s work seeks to explain the action gap. The survey is for everyone and anyone, not just sustainability professionals, so please do share with your networks
If you would like to understand more about how your pension works then we recommend this excellent and simple animation from Aviva.
We are planning an event on Mainstreaming Change and sustainable finance in November. If you would like to be involved please contact Louisa at or

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