Giles Hutchins podcast: The fusion of wisdom, nature and business

 Giles Hutchins is a long standing friend to 6Heads and a powerful change catalyst and visionary who helps leaders and organisations become “future fit”, capable of co-creating the sustainable and harmonious future we all want.

His passion is exploring ways of applying nature’s inspiration to sustainable business transformation. His work draws on a range of theories and practices (such as biomimicry, cradle-to-cradle, & industrial ecology) applying them to the challenges business face today, providing practical insight and guidance to help business redesign for resilience in volatile times.

You can listen to the podcast here where Giles and Flowstate dive into:

  • how we can transcend polarisation
  • practical steps business leaders can take to steer their organisations towards greater flow
  • Generative listening as a way to induce change
  • How the imaginal cells of a caterpillar illustrate how change in our culture can occur
  • The power of being in nature
  • Accessing the implicate order, from which can can sense, intuit and feel

Last night the clocks went back, our evenings are darker and as we creep into November it is decidedly colder. It is so easy to have an unrealistic expectation to operate at the same frequency all year round, yet we are natural beings who are not seperate from the seasons. As a first step I’m learning to see this as a time to harvest all the high energy exerted over the summer and getting ready for transitioning into winter, a time to reflect and restore.

This November also marks 6 years of 6Heads, giving us an opportunity to reflect and harvest ideas together and we will be celebrating by bringing together 150 of our community to explore the theme – Unlock the impossible: How can you mainstream change through collaboration and community. Giles will be with us on the night and signing copies of his books

We would love you to join us – book your ticket here, places are filling up

Works by Giles Hutchins:

Future Fit a practical business book for those of us involved in the future of business, from entrepreneur to senior executive.

 The Nature of Business which won an award in North America and has received much praise both sides of the Atlantic.

The Illusion of Separation , which received wide ranging praise from world leading philosophers, academics, business experts and leadership specialists.


If you would like to share an idea with our community on the theme of #unlocktheimpossible in the run up to the 20th November we want to hear from you and please get in touch with


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