6heads at first sight

On the 3rd Tuesday of every month, 6heads meet for an informal drink and discussion.

This happens at the organic pub The Duke of Cambridge in Angel Islington. I will try to recreate some elements of my first encounter with a happy bunch of the 6heads, in this very simple and humble set up that was auspicious for conversations and ideas to emerge.

At first sight, this is: a charming pub, spacious room, flowers on the tables, subdued and enlightened atmosphere, a small dozen of smiling faces around the long wooden table, chatting while waiting for more to join.

Each monthly gathering begins with a one minute innovation show and tell.

Members can share what is inspiring them at the moment and get to know each other. This is especially nice when you’re new to a group that has been going for 6 years already! Indeed, the 6heads group was founded in 2011 by 6 MSc students from Imperial College. (And by the way, we would love to have you to celebrate the 6 years of 6heads on 20th November: great speakers, inspiring evening to #unlocktheimpossible, register here.)

Let’s go back to the pub, let’s show and tell….

Soon enough, I picked a postcard I luckily had in my handbag (advert from a Parisian restaurant….) to take rapid notes of the diverse insightful contributions.


Among those contributions, the below were explained, quoted, mentioned:

  • Using chicken feathers to make products
  • Project Drawdown book: 100 Solutions to Reverse Global Warming
  • Forum for the Future
  • 3 principles of permaculture
  • Prêt a Mangers water bottle – a challenge to be launched: what if they stopped selling it?
  • The UNLEASH Lab 2017 event in Denmark: nine days to create real, scalable solutions to the UN’s Sustainable Development Goals
  • Walking on the GR20, a long distance trail that traverses Corsica diagonally from north to south
  • Etc.

So I brought back (almost unreadable) notes about many ideas, concepts, books titles… but the sum of those is less that the total of what this informal gathering brought me that night: a feeling that through exchange, shared learning, we can go a bit further towards understanding and building a sustainable future.

And the will to learn more!


Unlock the Impossible: “How can collaboration and community mainstream change?” / #UNLOCKTHEIMPOSSIBLE

Monday 20th November from 6.30 – 9.00 pm – an exploration, inspiration and celebration.


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