Calling women entrepreneurs…

Karen Stenning inspires us at 6heads in many ways – for setting up her own business, for curating events with grace, for being an active part of the 6heads community…. and for her work with female founders of businesses. Below she reflects on her role curating a programme for entrepreneurs and explains why and how to be part of it… 

‘I never would have prioritised myself first before. I always paid myself last. If I’m not okay, I can’t sell my brand. It’s that simple.’

‘The opportunities that have come my way since starting the programme are unbelievable’.

‘I am not the same person that started this course – in the best possible way’

‘It (success in my business) feels really tangible now – I knew I could do it, but now I can actually touch it!’

These quotes illustrate the reasons why I enjoy my role as a Programme Manager and Wellbeing Facilitator on Hatch’s  Female Founders Accelerator.

Creating tangible and important change to help female entrepreneurs scale their business and giving them access to human and social capital (mentors, peers and professionals) is one of the most important factors influencing venture capital success.  

‘Social capital is key to the entrepreneurs’ success.’

To work, collaborate and watch a group of pioneering women develop their business, and themselves as entrepreneurs is a great honour.  Each one goes on a unique journey and step into their powerful feminine energies, to grow and scale their venture.

The programme was developed by female founders after interviewing over 100 fellow female entrepreneurs. We are the only female Founder Accelerator programme in London fully addressing both business and personal life challenges.

A highlight from last year’s cohort, was the Negotiation workshop by Dr Stacie Graham. Every single participant worked out their own individual leadership styles.

We helped them deliver their own negotiation style. They came to realise that negotiation is not a battle but a dance were they can choose to lead.

Two parties coming together to get the best deal.

I am, myself, inspired by all the women, created Absolute Alchemy to organise transformational events around positive activism. Through the programme I met Ruth Rogers from The Canvas and together we are hosting Wednesday Wise Owls events, for people on the pursuit of wisdom.

We are accepting applications for our next Female Founders Programme, which will be run in partnership with Blooms London, until February 10th, 2018.

If you think you might be a good fit for the accelerator and would like to find out more about the programme and its impact on social capital, then please feel free to get in touch.

More information here:


“There are so many incredible ideas out there and that’s lucky because we face a number of challenges right now – so why would we ignore half our brainpower? We need to support female founders urgently and Hatch’s Female Founders Accelerator is one great way we can super-charge this support!” Martha Lane Fox 

Martha Lane Fox CBE
Cross bench peer – House of Lords, Co-founder –



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