Towards a more beautiful world…

Sometimes in the rush towards sustainable, we miss out on the bigger opportunity to create and craft beauty into our work. this is an opportunity to elevate what we do from efficiency to legacy, to inspire and to connect with what is both specific and shared between all of us and our mutual humanity.

Alan Moore continues to hold-up this conversation as a beacon beyond just better business towards better ways of being.  His book on design and beauty now has North American distribution, and is being translated in French and German.

These are the films he has made with leaders who have something important to say about Beautiful Business.

And here is his curated list of 50 Beautiful Businesses as a source if inspiration.

Alan has developed two programmes for Leaders & Makers.
If you are interested in looking at the world through the lens of beauty, if you want to attend a course or can support this excellent initiative in anyway – please do connect with Alan.

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