Regenerative ramble: join us in our first nature walk of 2020

Photo courtesy of Isac Casapu

It’s hard to believe that it’s already been a year since our May Steps to Sustainability Walk, with Tom Mansfield who took us on a journey into the field of eco-linguistics. After bluebell spotting, escaping some cows that weren’t happy that we were walking so close to their calves and a delicious pub lunch, we all sat in a circle in the grass of a sunny field while Tom talked about the importance of the words we use and the need for new descriptors for the social and environmental challenges we face – he even shared a poem he had written for the occasion!

Photo courtesy of Isac Casapu

In socially distant times we may not be able to host our steps to sustainability walks as we usually do, but 6heads have never been big followers of the usual. We have been exploring all of the things that have brought our walks to adventurous life: Time in nature, connecting with new and like minded people, some thought-provoking stimulus to fuel our inspiration & spark our creativity to tackle the challenges of our times and regenerate ourselves, our communities and our world. 

We have done our best to weave all these elements together and invite you to join us for a regenerative ramble over the upcoming May bank holiday weekend.

 To be part of this collective adventure all you need to do is sign up to taking a walk in nature: there is an invitation to engage more deeply, connect with fellow ramblers virtually, play with creative missions and share what you have experienced with a closing Sunday Circle. Just send us an e-mail to let us know you’ll be joining us.

Photo courtesy of Isac Casapu

The programme for the weekend:

Friday 22nd May, morning lift off – You receive your personal invitation, with details of what is in store for Sunday, how to connect and prompts for reflection.

Sunday 24th at 9am Connecting over a cuppa If you would like to join us, start the weekend over a virtual cup of tea or coffee to meet your fellow intrepid explorers and set your intention for what’s ahead.

Anytime during the day on SundayThe Ramble: go for a walk, paying attention to the natural world around where you live; find something else living that you’re drawn to and spend some time observing it; consider what you can learn from it for yourself personally and for what the world needs; engage with it creatively either through taking a photograph of it or using our ‘Haiku card’ to write three lines about it. Feel free to share what you’ve found via social media using the #regenerationramble hashtag.

Sunday 24th at 9pm Fireside sharing: Rejoin your fellow ramblers for a virtual fireside meetup  to share what we found in nature and in ourselves and what we have learned from the experience. We’re hoping Tom might perform one of his poems, like he did last year, and feel free to bring a poem or a quote to share with the group if you’d like.

We hope you can join us for as much or as little of this adventure as you like, the invitation is  open to your interpretation. Please email James by Thursday 22nd May if you would like to join us and we will send your invitation.

Photo courtesy of Isac Casapu


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