Poetry and Photography from our Regenerative Ramble

It’s already been a week since our first #RegenerativeRamble and some of the participants have shared their responses to the time they spent in nature that day both as Haikus and/or as a photograph. The fireside sharing at the end of the day was wonderful, thanks to Lou’s amazing back-garden bonfire overlooking the sea in Margate and the contributions of everyone who participated. Hopefully what’s shared below gives you a flavour of it…

Olivia Sprinkel, South Downs

Wind and skylark song

Pull me higher and higher

Till with clouds I drift

Image courtesy of Olivia Sprinkel

James Payne, Isle of Dogs

Rising and falling away

Sun-soaked sap-rising branches

A sea of shimmering leaves 

Images courtesy of James Payne

Carole Hussell, South Devon

A Devon spring bank 

Grasses sway in the light breeze 

explosion in green

Image courtesy of Carole Hussell

Regina DeBurca, Dublin

A deep, duck-filled pond

The lone heron, sharp and still

Waiting in shallows

Image courtesy of Regina DeBurca

Yitzik Casapu, Regents Canal

Image courtesy of Yitzik Casapu


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